Irit Segal Israeli

Born in Haifa,1944; Fifth generation in Israel.

Until 1984, basketball player (Macabi Haifa).

Since 1985 -  Create as an artists, principally sculpture, with various materials.

1998 -  BA, Creative Arts, Haifa university, Israel.

Since 1997 -  Sculpt in iron with an individual technique based on cutting, welding and assembly of a basic shapes, the chief of component of the technique being the "softening" of the material and its "domestication" into the desired shape.


Selected Exhibitions:

1999-06 - Outdoor exhibitions, Wadi Nisnas-Biet Hagefen, arab-jewish center,Haifa, Israel.

2000 - "Soft iron", Beit Hagefen gallery, Haifa, Israel.

2001 - Knights Halls, Akko, Israel.

2002 - Song of ascending - Okashi museum of art, Akko, Israel.

2003 - Maritime museum, group exhibition Haifa, Israel.

2003 - "Grouth" group exhibition of environmental sculpture Agrexco, Trade fair, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2004 - On the point of the spruce - Photographs, Haifa Theater, Israel.

2006 - A Present for Eve & Daughters - Seam gallery, Art gallery, Moshav Megadim, Israel.

2006- "Grouth", Group exhibition, Photograph + Sculpture. APEX hotel- Edinburgh, Scotland. 

2007-  "Markers VI - The Artists' Museum, Divine in.tent. Venice, Italy and Kssel, Germany.

2007 - Outdoor sculpture at Wizo Haifa Academy square, Haifa, Israel. 

2009-  Fe, Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel.   

Outdoor Sculptures:

12  Outdoor sculptures, stands , around the chantry, for exhume:

Sculpture Garden, Open museum, Tefen, "Castra and Rishpon steps, Haifa, Israel, Ein hod artists' village, Scalpture garden, Sheba Medicl Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel, Petatch Tikva, Israel, end more.

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